Dascom Solutions Group is an authorized and exclusive dealer for NEC VoIP Communications Solutions and related equipment. This means we offer the full installation, training, support and maintenance on these products. We partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. Also often times we provide relief to businesses whose current telecom system suffers from hardware malfunction, system crashes or other acts of nature in order to keep their establishment operational until the implementation of a new solution. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, Dascom Solutions Group goes beyond the standard to develop new insights, drive results and help grow your business.

Founded in 1978 Dascom Solutions Group has been fulfilling the telecommunication needs of the Tri-State Area for nearly four decades!

Giving us not only experience and knowledge but hundreds of customers that can attest to our service as well.

Though much has changed in almost 40 years the three pillars on which the business was on built have not, those being: Service, Integrity, and Professionalism.

It is through these attributes that we have set ourselves apart in the telecom industry.


Moving? Expanding? Upgrading? We're here to help!

Our goal is to help make your communications system as efficient as possible. We realize that your business is unique and no one understands it quite like you do. We help establishments implement communication changes on a daily basis, so by working together we can suggest ways to improve yours. New developments in technology help commerce run more smoothly, with greater ease and at lower costs. Let us help you streamline communications and give you options you never knew were there.


Office space is limited and expensive.

A new and enormous trend in metropolitan areas where office space is limited and expensive. We are NOT novices to this concept having several clients managing these facilities for the past 15 years.

Their customized DSG Communications Solution has been configured so that the various companies that rent space at their establishments can utilize the features and reliability of their phone system without interfering with their lines, employees, or customers. We created a multi-tenant environment in which more than a dozen companies share the same phone system but are restricted to their own services. We even partitioned the voicemail system so that each company can have their own greeting, mailboxes, and auto attendant option menus.

By offering a customized communication solution along with desk or office space their clients can save on the cost of installing, maintaining, and moving a phone system. They can show added value in their office space, simplify the communications for themselves and their clients. As an added bonus, they have the option to increase revenue on leasing the phones, call usage, additional options and services!

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Minimize Stress

In an age where the amount of commuters grow every day, Telecommuting offers relief from the daily grind. Many large companies have been implementing this type of arrangement for the past several years with great success. Dascom Solutions Group can now bring this feature to the small and medium-sized company as well. Telecommuting allows an employee to work from home using the resources of their company unbeknown to clients and customers. A user can be connected to their office phone system and make use of the phone lines, voicemail, and intercom system. This feature allows employees on maternity or medical leave to continue working. It also allows the commercial traveler to stay connected in their homes, temporary offices, or hotel rooms. With Telecommuting you are saving employees time, minimizing the stress that comes with commuting, reducing emissions and lowering the number of employee sick days that comes with a crowded office.


We're here to help.

Dascom Solutions designs and installs LAN (data and voice) cable systems and support equipment for PC networks and mainframe computer systems. We insure that each installation meets or exceeds all city codes, state codes, and the manufacturer's specifications. If you are planning to move your existing voice or network cable system or install a new one, Dascom Solutions would like to show you the most effective ways to successfully bridge the information and communication gap.

At Dascom Solutions Group, we have the highest confidence in our products and services because we utilize, test, and configure them to ensure their operation and integrity no matter what the circumstances.

Whether standing on its own or integrated with our other services we can service all your paging needs. Working with cutting-edge companies we have all the latest products to meet your needs and the experience to implement them. After all, Solutions is our middle name!

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Dascom Solutions designs and installs LAN (data and voice) cable systems and support equipment for PC networks and mainframe computer systems. We insure that each installation meets or exceeds all city codes, state codes, and the manufacturer’s specifications.

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